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Neuroleptic Awareness


These movies and pdfs have been devised by Jan & Chris Evans and myself about neuroleptic medications. All movies contain global information and research - some of which is unknown in UK Mental Health. 

Part 1: Successful Non -Neuroleptic Treatments Movie and PDF

Part 2: The Perverse History of Neuroleptic Drugs Movie and PDF

Part 3: Neuroleptic Physical Adverse Drug Reactions  Movie and PDF


Part 4: Neuroleptic Pyschological Adverse Drug Reactions  Movie and PDF


Part 5: Schizophrenia Neuroleptics and Disability Movie and PDF


Part 6: Schizophrenia Neuroleptics and Informed Consent Movie and PDF

Part 7: Neuroleptics and Pharmacogenetics Movie and PDF


Part 8: Neuroleptic Drugs and Violence Movie and PDF