About Me

Since 2000, I am a carer to my son who has experienced psychosis. Nine months after being first introduced to the UK Mental Health System, I became sceptical of the treatment my son was receiving and became motivated to research about schizophrenia and anti-psychotic/neuroleptic drugs.

When I started my research I found some information very disturbing, particularly concerning brain damage. I am very much aware that other carers, service users and professional people will be impacted in their different ways. For me, it was only when I became more knowledgeable that I had a vastly increased informed choice about neuroleptics which has enabled me to better help my son within the mental health system.

Conflict of interests: I have been a carer representative for UK national and charity mental health organizations for which I receive attendance fees; I accept university visitor lecturing fees. I am not affiliated to any carer or professional mental health body on a salaried basis which therefore provides me the freedom of an independent carer to introduce a broad perspective of mental health research.

My background is in Nursing, Midwifery and Chiropody.

Contact details: cclarke@post.com